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7 Emerging methods to increase Traffic through Social media without spending money

Increase Traffic through Social Media

Get Website Traffic through Social media

Social media has turned out to be the biggest platform for people to come close to each other and hence enhanced their interactions and connections.

It has proved to be a boon for entrepreneurs and organizations to increase traffic through social media without spending money.

But in spite of having access to such a sound medium some are still struggling to attain their goals despite the fact of investing a considerable amount of time and money. Only some of the privileged ones are getting hang of increase in traffic.

Many wonder ‘How come those people are getting good traffic through Social media’ ?

This article will be useful for them,
as in this article we will discuss in detail about ‘7 methods to become successful Social Media Marketer without spending money’.

If you follow the first method alone, you could see difference.


Method 1

Re share your content on Social Media multiple times

Many say ‘Content is the king’.

Without a strategy,
the content is just a stuff and the world has a lot of stuff!

Just Posting in Social media doesn’t guarantee that it reaches all your consumers at one shot. There’s an acute possibility that your post is unnoticed by a wide range of clientele.

We all know that social media is gaining more and more importance day by day.

And surprisingly Social media is integrating with SEO, marketing and PR.
So the volume of posts in Social media is astronomical.


Social media usage is increasing

According to a survey,
an average adult spends 6.8 Hrs / Week on Facebook
and 4.2 Hrs / Week on Twitter.
75% Facebook and Twitter users login every day.

Each day 500 Million Tweets are posted
Every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded.


Your Post may be unnoticed

Due to this high volume of post, No one can read all the posts on their news feed.

Any Facebook user is subject to view 1,500 posts in his or her News Feed. Your post may be unnoticed in this sea of posts in spite of being an informative and useful one.

The need of the hour is to look out for ways to make your post noticed universally.

You need to adapt with the right mix of strategies to be able to accomplish your goal.

And one such approach could be sharing your post a number of times so as to augment its reach to more number of customers progressively.

If your post is unnoticed for the first time, chances are that your post is noticed the second or the third time. But please make sure that you don’t overdo by posting same content for many times.


Why settle with 200 readers when you can get 800

As stated already, reposting your content multiple times generates the possibility of providing awareness to an increased number of consumers each time.

As who could not notice it for the first could do so the second time!

But the key is to set a standard for the maximum number of reposting unless and until you want your viewers to get sick and tired of reading your ideas!!


Handle the disparities of different time zones and Multiply the followers

Another worthwhile point in reposting the content at different times could help grab the attention of people residing in different time zones.

Every posting could be an opportunity for a new person to catch hold of your ideas and might end up providing you a new loyal client.

Let us see how vital is image in Social media posts.
Method 2
Inspire your audience with Images

Visual marketing has been a trendsetter in Social Media and provides you ample opportunities to climb the stairs of success if utilized to the core.

It is said that ‘An image is worth 1000 words’
as a single image has potential to convey lot of meaning and emotions.

As per a study, content having appropriate and eye catching images is bound to gain at least 94% more audiences than the one without image.
Post with images help generate interest in your content

The right image not only attracts people, but also adds real value and insight to your post. Check this Facebook post
the image says that this post about BitCoin and so anyone who is interested to know about bitcoin could click on the link and read the article.

The well designed image will attract any one to click and read the post.

If you use an image which is interesting and different, the viewer will stop and think about the image you have used. A viewer stopping and thinking about your image is considered as half success.

Tips to use image

You can design your image with the topic you are going to discuss in the post. As your image will be displayed as thumbnail, a potential reader will get attracted.

If your post topic permits, use an image that will emotionally touch your reader. Connecting emotionally with each visitor is very important.

Dont use emotional image just for the sake of using it,
unless your post content is related with the image.

Avoid using dull image, use image with vibrant colour.

Occasionally use an image to make your readers smile or laugh. The challenge is finding an image that is related to your post and funny. While using funny image, keep in mind that you don’t insult any one.

Using the right mix of images to go with your content is something that is guaranteed to provide you the much needed results. The essence here is you need to do an in-depth study and come out with the most impressive visual.

Always remember, content is the king and cannot be overlooked by any chance.

Therefore, you need to choose the content that is planned in the most appropriate ways and is consistently on the point of discussion.

How to get Optimal images

Some key points to be considered while choosing the most optimal set of images for your content are:

  • Well-designed images with vibrant colors
  • Prominent and professional photography
  • Choosing out the most suitable visuals that deliver stories at a glance
  • Visuals showing products or services in a new light
  • Use images which will touch visitors emotionally
  • Funny image is also a good choice


Method 3

Create share-worthy headlines

Grabbing the attention of the potential customers by eye-popping headlines is a quite convincing way of gaining success since the people are losing out their patience level with the advancement of time and most of them don’t even bother to read a paragraph full of text if they do not connect with its heading.

What you TELL is far more important than what you SELL

All you need to do is to hire the best of content writers in the industry and deliver something the buyers can connect with. As per the saying, “it’s more about being productive than being busy!”

Giving the perfect head start to your content could be enhanced by working on these two factors:


Generate curiosity:

The heading should be written in such a manner that it attracts the readers towards itself.

Along with having some of the most appealing headings, it should also possess a curiosity enhancing factor. Any heading that lands your readers in a situation where they end up thinking “what would be the possible content inside” is a sure shot boost to your success.

Use exclamations and power words:

The heading should be exclamatory

Inclusion of the words which are rarely used in everyday conversations such as stunning, spectacular and also use of exclamatory sentences such as “oh my god!”, “Wow” , “Surprising” tend to be another promising means to get hold of readers in voluminous quantities.

Use the below tips to create a powerful headline: 

  • The Headline should be direct and simple
  • State the biggest benefit of your Product or Service in the headline
  • Announce exciting offer
  • Your headline should help the reader and not just tell
  • ‘How to’ headline will attract more readers
  • ‘Tips to’ is another headline to attract them
  • ‘Do It Yourself’ is an eye catching and proven headline
  • Ask a highly debatable question
  • Headline with a number will attract more readers
  • Inspire urgency with some time limit offer
  • Offer solution to a problem
  • Address the reader using the word ‘You’
  • Avoid Passive voice

David Ogilvy known as father of Advertisement has said “On the average, 5 times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents out of your dollar

En cashing on catchy headlines is a skill to be mastered.
Method 4
Optimize your profile

Key to a good relation lies in the perfect amount of transparencies between the two contributors of the relationship.

Hence the first and foremost checkpoint for any venture to flourish would be to provide all the essential information a client might be interested in well-quoted words.

Don’t build links, build relationships

The reason being that any person willing to invest some amount of his hard earned money is bound to get a credential check done. The more open you are about your credentials the better reach you ought to get.

You may be wondering whether to upload your Personal picture or your company Logo.

The best advice is if you are a big brand or business with your logo already established,
better use your Brand Logo.

If you are developing a personal brand or a small business,
people want to engage with the person of the business,
so use your personal picture than your company logo.

Once you select a picture as your profile picture, make sure that you use the same picture for all your Social media. This facilitates people to easily recognise you in all social networks.

Here’s a quick checklist of few important points to be covered while mentioning your details

  • Picture of the company owner or promoter
  • Company Logo
  • Contact numbers
  • Official Email address
  • List of all the proprietors of the undertaking
  • Complete and detailed address of your company
  • Clear and concise info on the company business, its products, and services, the number of years of experience, any rating (certification in compliance with the government standards, if any)
  • Proper mention of any links to your company’s website such as profiles on Facebook, twitter
  • Customer reviews if any about your setup
  • You’re listing on top search engines such as Google, Yahoo.

The bottom-line is to cater to each and every query of potential customers regarding your venture and hence gain his trust before thinking out for ways to increase your sales!



Method 5
Picking the right time to post in Social media


Posting on right time in Social media results in getting more Clicks, more Like, more Share, more Retweet etc.

Once you are through with what to post and how often to post the next step in the ladder is to know the most appropriate time to post your content. Posting content at the right time is bound to provide you with maximum conversions.

There are some norms prevalent in the industry that work as a guide on the path towards the solution.

For instance, considering Twitter B2B companies gain an engagement uplift by 14% when posting on Weekdays while B2C companies get around 17% of engagement lift when posting on Wednesday and Thursday. If you are looking for retweets then post around 5 pm on Wednesday and Thursday.

If you wish to improvise the maximum click-through rates over social media,
then the most suitable time is around 6 pm and 12 pm. So, get set to explore the web and find out the most optimal time to make the most of your post.

Find below few points regarding Best time to post on Social media

  • Weekdays are the best days to post in a week
  • On Week days, between 12Noon to 2PM and 5PM to 6PM are good time to post
  • Avoid Early Morning and late night posts
  • Thursday is the best day to get more response
  • Most precious time to post is Thursday 12Noon to 2PM

Don’t miss out the next two important methods to drive more traffic through Social media without spending money.


Method 6
Continuously engage with the audience

You spend much time in creating a good content and posted it on social media with an attractive images.
You got good number of followers.

If you think you have achieved the goal,
Iam sorry to tell you that you are wrong.

Number of followers are very important
but that is not the only way to quantify your social media success.

What is the use of followers who doesn’t engage with your post ?

Let us understand
What is Social Media Engagement ?
What is the use of Social Media Engagement ?
How to increase Social Media Engagement ?

What is Social Media Engagement ?
Social Media Engagement means getting your audience response to your post in the form of
View image
Clicking on the link

What is the use of Social Media Engagement ?
Many small business with less social media knowledge may have large audience. But they may not get any engagement, and in return they cant sell their product or service to them.

Your social media followers should engage with your posts, then only you can build good relationship with them. Once you create good relationship, you can easily sell your product or service.

Depth is more important than breadth
Smaller audience with good engagement is better than Larger audience with No engagement.

To summerise the use of Social Media Engagement, Social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk, said “Having three people follow you on social media and buy your stuff is better than one hundred following you and only one buying”

How to increase social media engagement ?
The most important tactic is to plan your post.
Plan what to post,
when to post etc in advance to save time.

Facebook users are watching 100 million hours of video each day.
And 82% of Twitter users are watching video on that network.

Posting video in Social Media gives you more chance of getting good number of Engagements.

Develop a video about your product or Service

Videos developed with topic like
How To,
Do it Yourself,
Customer testimonials
always get more Like, Share and Comments.

Prepare emotional headlines to increase Clicks & Shares.
It is proved that any content with emotional headline always attracts readers. The headline should create an emotional connection with the reader in a way that he or she without any delay should click that headline to read the content.

In content marketing, emotional connection is critical as people’s attention span is just eight seconds. But same time keep in mind that don’t write emotional headline just for the sake.

If the reader cant find any relation between the headline and the content, you will lose the trust.

Some of the emotional key words
Free, Sale, New, Guaranteed, Special, Immediately, Limited, Popular, Exclusive, How to, Discount, Reduced, Introducing, Expert, Advice, Just Arrived, Beautiful, , romising, Urgent, Excellent, Hurry, Unique, Genuine, Last Chance, Reliable, Profitable, Miracle, Magic, Proven, Secrets, Unusual, Emerging, Outstanding, Rare, Easy, Rush, Download

You can use the below three formulas to get very good headline that fetches lot of Engagement.
1) How to (Do something) that will (get great reasults)
2) ( Number ) of ways to (Do Something) To (produce excellent result)
3) Do it Yourself


Unique ways to get Engagement:
Ask for review about your product,
Ask a question and let your audience reply.

Don’t bore your audience with stereotype posts,
Occasional funny posts make your audience smile and in turn you may get engagement.

Share your own content which got good engagement.

Stop your audience from scrolling down the news feed with some image.
As already mentioned, image is worth 1000 words.

Read the seventh method and get into Action

Method 7
Call to action (CTA)
You want Action ?
Ask for it !

The best method to ask for engagement in social media is to build some action words like
Download our eBook,
Join our course,
Book your spot etc

To get immediate and more engagements add few key words to create urgency. Let the user think that there is limited seat or limited time to complete the action.

Don’t Miss it, Only 10 more seats, Just 2 days more, Rush, Last Day
are some of the classic examples of words which creates urgency in the visitors mind and makes the CTA more successful.

Ask for the Action
Please make sure that the readers understand what do they get for doing the action. If your benefit is not clear or if your benefit is not worth it don’t expect action from them.

However, all social media agencies don’t work on the same lines Twitter and LinkedIn both don’t mind these CTA’s instead asking to retweet on Twitter are one of the good practice.

The key is CTA’s are important to boost your reach but make sure you use them in the smartest ways.

As per the recent trend in the market asking the user out rightly to perform any action such as Like and Share degrades the level of user experience and hence is considered to cast a negative spell on your readers. Social media giant Facebook has recently penalized the organizations being involved in such tasks.

You can use any of the below FaceBook page CTA’s to get more engagement.
Book Now
Contact Us
Use App
Play Game
Shop Now
Sign Up
Watch Video
Last Lines

Any one can use Social media to drive more traffic by implimenting the above methods without spending money.

Next time while posting in Social media, don’t forget to use an eye catching image and inspiring headline. Prepare your content so that you get maximum engagement and post it in right time. It is advisable to repost to get wide coverage and don’t hesitate to ask for an action.

Can you please comment this article so that we can post better and useful content in future. If you think this article will be helpful for your friend, please share it.

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