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How to Access any Picture, Video or File on your PC from your mobile phone with Younity App

Younity App
 If you need to access a file (movies, music, photos, videos & docs) which is stored on your PC or Laptop when you are away from it, you will find the mobile App Younity handy. If the App Younity is installed in your mobile phone, it lets you search your computer and provides access to the required file without going for cloud storage. There is lot of cloud storage applications where you have to upload and sync the files, but Younity does not reqYounity Appuire upload or syncing etc. The Younity mobile App is available in both iOS and Andorid which allows you to carry everything with you.

The concept behind Younity
The concept is very simple, You have to install Younity on the computer and install Younity Mobile app on you mobile phone (iOS or Android ). Younity will scan the entire computer to find your documents, audio, video files and photos to make them available on your mobile phone. Younity app lets you play these movies and music which is stored on your computer from your phone. You can even post the pictures to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. The Younity App allows you to share the photos stored in your computer through Whatsapp.
The files can be accessed, downloaded, edited and stored on your computer.

No Space is required
The best part of the Younity App is that it doesn’t take any space on your mobile Phone to keep that huge file list, so you don’t have to worry that these data available through Younity will eat up the mobile storage capacity. With limited storage capacity mobile phone you can access to terabytes of Documents, Songs, Video, and Images across multiple computers.

How to install Younity App
Step 1: Download Younity from the link www.getyounity.comand install it in your computer or Laptop
Step 2: Create your account with any email id or Login through Facebook or Google
Step 3: On completion of Registration, the Younity in your computer will scan all the data and will intimate you on completion of scanning
( Note: Depending on the number of Files and File size, the time taken to Scan may vary )
Step 4: Install Younity app in your mobile from Play Store or Apple Store
Step 5: Login to your Younity app using the same Login which you used to Login in your Computer or Laptop
( Note: If you used Facebook to Login in your Computer, use Facebook to login in your Mobile App. Step 6: If you used some email id to register & login then use same email id in your mobile App too)
Step 7: The Younity App will transfer digital information about the files in the computer to your Mobile
( Note: This transfer of data will happen only if the Younity software installed in your computer has completed its initial scan )

That’s all, You are ready to use Yunity
Access your computer files from your Mobile and enjoy Yunity

The Yunity App displays the files the same way as they are located in your computer or laptop. You can easily search and navigate through Folders, Sub Folders and Files.

Few Negative aspects of Younity
One major negative of this app is that you have to keep your Laptop or Computer On while you are trying to access the file from your mobile. If you have turned off your Laptop, you can’t access the file.
Younity can access only local drives and not the external hard disc or Pen Drive. If your files are stored in external hard disc or Pend drive, sorry Younity will not help you. Another negative aspect of Younity is that the data is not updated immediately. That is, if you add or delete any file in your PC or Laptop, Younity app in Mobile phone takes much time to reflect it in the mobile phone.

How to Search files in Yunity
If you have lot of files in your computer, don’t worry Younity not only lets you access the files in your computer, you can search a particular file by typing the file name. The Search feature in Yunity is very impressive, as you type the first few letters of the file name you are looking for, the search result is listed.

How to Download files with Yunity
Apart from accessing file with Yunity, you can download a files stored in your computer directly to your phone. Access the file you want to download and follow the below steps
Step 1: Click the download/share icon in the lower left
Step 2: Click ‘Download’;
Step 3: Click the + icon next to each file.
Once the file download is completed, you can see an icon next to the file. This icon would remain next to the entire downloaded file until the file is removed from your Phone.

How to post Photos to Instagram or Facebook using Yunity
The most interesting feature about Younity is that you can post your photos directly to Social media. Find below the procedure to post your image directly to social media using Younity.
Step 1: Open the younity app
Step 2: Select Photos (you will have access to all the photos on your computer)
Step 3: Find and select the photo you want to post to Instagram or Facebook
Step 4: Tap the Share Action button on the bottom right of your screen
Step 5: Select “Open In”
Step 6: Select Instagram or Facebook

Younity App, the cross platform media server no doubt lets you stream or download files across devices, it is better than other cloud streaming services in many ways. All features like File browsing, File searching, Music playing is smooth and fast if you are running it on Wifi network. But if you are using your mobile data, the smoothness depends on the speed provided by your mobile service provider.

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