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How to Save YouTube videos Offline using YouTube Red

How To Watch YouTube Offline Video

What is YouTube Offline Video?

You are travelling and you want to show your kids their favourite cartoons on YouTube. Due to poor internet connection, you are not able to play YouTube video.

You are upset.

Don’t worry,

You can play YouTube Offline videos if you are a registered member of YouTube Red. Will discuss How to Save YouTube videos Offline using YouTube Red.


What is YouTube Red?

  • YouTube Red is a monthly subscription service from YouTube which can save YouTube videos and play them in spite of no internet connection.
  • To watch YouTube offline video, you need YouTube Red subscription
  • YouTube Red subscription removes commercial ads from YouTube videos
  • Presently YouTube Red is available in United States, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and South Korea. Other than these countries you can’t save videos offline
  • Probably other countries will get YouTube red anytime
  • If you are in an unsupported country, then use a VPN service to use YouTube Red
  • Visit and register for $9.99 per month


Advantage of YouTube Red (Offline video)
The advantages of YouTube Offline video over saving the video on your phone is

  • Less usage of device storage space
  • Time taken to download offline video over saving a video is less


It’s time to understand

How to save offline videos?
How to watch saved videos Offline?
and much more.

Not only your kids, even you will find this feature very useful when you want to view your favourite sports, comedy show or some useful training video on YouTube without the internet connection.


How to save YouTube videos for watching Offline

Steps to save YouTube video to view offline
1) Open you tube app on your Android or iOS Smartphone
2) Play the video file to download and then pause the video
3) Click the ‘Save’ button below the video (downward-pointed arrow)
4) You will be asked to select the resolution – Low, Medium, HD
6) On selecting the resolution you desire, the video will download on your device


  • Select the box next to ‘Remember my settings’ so that you will not be asked to select video quality every time you attempt to save the video.
  • If you face any interruption in net connection while downloading, next time the download will resume once you regain network connectivity.
  • The downloaded video will remain offline for up to 30 days.
  • You have to reconnect to a network for every 30 days so that your video is available offline.


How to watch YouTube offline video

Steps to watch YouTube Offline Video
1) Open you tube app on your Android or iOS Smartphone
2) Click the ‘Library’ tab at the at the bottom
3) Under the ‘Available Offline’ Click ‘Offline Videos’
4) Saved Offline videos are listed
5) Click on the video to watch offline and the video is played without net connection


  • All saved videos can be played as Playlist by tapping the red Play button.


How to delete Offline videos

1) Open you tube app on your Android or iOS Smartphone
2) Click the ‘Library’ tab at the at the bottom
3) Under the ‘Available Offline’ Click ‘Offline Videos’
4) Click on the Three vertically aligned dots
5) Click on the video you like to delete and hit ‘Remove from Offline’

If the video is deleted accidentally, Don’t worry the video can be restored. Click on the removed link just below the video to be restored. A pop-up message will ask if you’d like to re-download the video. Click ‘OK’ to add the video to the offline playlist.


How to Save playlist Offline

Just like saving a playlist of videos, you can save the playlist for Offline videos. Please find below Steps to save playlist offline
1) Open you tube app on your Android or iOS Smartphone
2) Click on the playlist you wish to Save
3) Click the pause button and pause the playlist,
4) Tap the Save icon just below the Video player, the playlist is saved

The saved offline Playlist remains stored on your device for up to 30days


How to watch playlist Offline

You know how to save playlists offline, Please find below Steps to watch offline playlist

1) Open you tube app on your Android or iOS Smartphone
2) Click on the ‘Library’ button at the bottom
3) Below the ‘Available offline’ heading, tap the name of the playlist you like to play
4) Watch the saved playlist by tapping the Play button

To watch any particular video, tap on the video and enjoy


Important Features of You tube Offline Videos

  • Only You Tube Red subscribers can use this feature.
  • This feature is available only in Android and IOS YouTube app.
  • You can use your wifi network or mobile data to download video, of course depending on your net connection speed, the download time may vary.
  • You can’t download all videos in for later consumption as some videos are not available for offline download.
  • The Very important feature is videos once downloaded to view offline will be played offline for next 30 days.
  • You have to reconnect to a network for every 30 days to sync with the video. During this sync, any update in that particular video will be updated in your local video and if the video is deleted in you tube, the video in your mobile will be deleted.
  • Without saying it is understood that you have to Login to Save or View offline video.
  • The offline video is not saved in any video format but it is saved in .exo format, that no other media player supports this file format except You Tube app. As these .exo files are split into chunks of .exo files there is no way to open these files.
  • The video is compressed to almost fifty percent of the original file size and broken into parts then saved in .Exo format


Method to Restore Expired YouTube Offline Videos

YouTube Offline videos expire in 30 days in the offline section. The offline videos are restored if you get an internet connection, but if you don’t get internet connection don’t worry follow the below trick to restore YouTube Offline video without an internet connection.

1) Click the Settings on your Mobile
2) Click Date and Time
3) Turn off ‘Automatic date & time and Automatic time zone’ settings
4) Click on the date and change it one day behind the actual date
5) The expired video should be available now.

Note: On changing the date to one day behind the actual date, the recently saved offline videos may not be available. On changing the date back to present date, those videos will be available.


Enjoy uninterrupted YouTube with YouTube Offline video

The YouTube Offline Video feature is considered as most revolutionary feature introduced by YouTube.  The feature is useful for everyone interested in watching YouTube video having network issues. So if you are also YouTube fan facing internet connectivity issue, enjoy uninterrupted YouTube video with YouTube Offline video feature.

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