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Reason behind Mobile phone battery explosion

Apple is busy marketing their New iPhone 7 and iphone 7 plus and same time its archrival is busy recalling Note7 from its clients due to battery explosion fiasco. FAA (Federal Aviation Administration, USA) has advised not to use or charge Note 7 on flights.  Few Australian and Canada airlines have banned Note 7 being carried on Flights. Public are afraid of buying any Samsung phone leave alone Galaxy Note7

Note7 battery is not first incident of mobile phone battery explosion.  In the year 2006, Nokia recalled more than 46 million phone batteries due to risk of short circuit explosions. There were few various mobile phone explosion incidents that has injured and even killed people.

Let us see the reason behind Mobile phone battery explosion
To understand the reason behind the Mobile phone battery getting exploded, we should know some technical details about the Lithium ion batteries used in phones. The Lithium stored in the form liquid in Lithium batteries is highly inflammable. Due to any reason, if the very ‘thin sheet of plastic’ which is being used to separate the positive and negative sides of the battery is punctured the positive and negative points are short circuited. The short circuit heats the flammable Lithium liquid and if the liquid heats up quickly, the battery gets exploded. Samsung have admitted that the thin layer of plastic separating Positive and Negative sides of the battery got punctured during manufacturing.
How do I know if my Note 7 has been recalled?

If you purchased your new Note 7 manufactured before September 15, your phone has been officially recalled.  If you are not sure when your Note7 phone was manufactured, you can record your phone IMEI number and check it in the below link

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